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Italian Dialectical Behavior Therapy Society

SIDBT was founded in 2011 with the aim of spreading DBT in Italy according to the principles of adherence and fidelity to the treatment model created by Marsha Linehan.
Priority goals of the Society are:
Clinical: apply DBT rigorously and adherently to the original model and to reach clientss and their families in a transparent and accessible way;
Supervision: provide supervision to teams operating in the national territory according to a periodicity that allows their clinical work quality to be monitored;
Training: train new therapists according to the guidelines of the model and ensure their training meets the criteria of reliability and fidelity to the original model. Disseminating DBT therapeutic concepts and techniques in diverse and articulated clinical contexts (public, private, private-social etc.). SIDBT also offers continuing education opportunities to its Members with an annual offering of thematic seminars on key aspects and techniques of the model, free of charge. Each year it hosts specialist foreign speakers;
Research: to promote research on the results of DBT application in our country and to offer wide dissemination of DBT research results in the world.

To realize these goals SIDBT, since 2011, has been sharing training programs with the leading institution that founded and disseminated DBT internationally: Behavioral Technology (BTECH;
Many years of collaboration with this institution has enabled SIDBT to be aknowledged as an Affiliated Society, along with other societies in various countries around the world. Affiliation in concrete terms means recognition of reliability and fidelity to the model of DBT training and dissemination activities in our country.
Since 2018, SIDBT has been participating and collaborating to the establishment of an international institution - World Association for Dialectical Behavior Therapy (WADBT) - which aims to ensure the development of DBT in coherence and fidelity to the founding principles and protocols of the original model of intervention.

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